Club Fitting

Custom Fitting

Custom Club Fitting

We Custom Fit Cobra, Ping, and Mizuno Fitting Systems Along with our Foresight Sports Launch Monitor with HMT (Head Measurement Technology) combines with the GC2 to precisely capture club head data with an ease and accuracy never before seen. With HMT, the most comprehensive analysis of a player's swing and club head performance. We can Instantly see critical data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft, and lie—even impact location.

Typcial Interview Questions To Think About...

  • What are you currently playing and what are your likes/dislikes with the model, shaft (steel or graphite), and length?
  • What is your current handicap and/or scoring range?
  • How far do you hit your 7-iron?
  • What is your current and desired ball flight (both trajectory and direction)?
  • What is the longest iron you feel comfortable playing?
  • Do you have any physical limitations?