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Training & Nutrition

MySwing 3D + The Move Project

Training & Nutrition

MySwing 3D

MySwing 3D incorporates 17 sensors, 9DOF and includes full-body tilts, angles, rotations, wrist angles, Center of Mass, swing planes and much, much more.

  • Free-capture mode to record and analyze any movement, e.g. physical screens.
  • Integrates with launch monitors.
  • Compare two swings and includes tour swings and movement ranges.
  • Includes a fully automatic .pdf swing report.
  • Use live audio/visual biofeedback


The Move Project is the leading provider of science-based fitness & wellness programming in the Dallas area. We believe that the use of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) along with resistance-training methods that are supported by science and based on proper movement mechanics will maximize our client’s fitness goals. We work with clients ranging from Amateur and Professional Athletes, to those with Post-Rehabilitation and General Fitness goals, helping them to Move, Feel, and Perform better.


Book Now for a Physical Assessment with Chandler Golf Academy including MySwing 3D Assesment with The Move Project Fitness Plan.

We have partnered with an amazing Nutrition and lifestyle specialist who can really guide you in your athletic nutritional needs.

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