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Adult & Junior Instruction

Our Academy is structured using the Operation 36 programming platform. It consists of playing, coaching, and practice programming that is designed to provide an accelerated structure to progress golfers to shoot par or better for 9 holes.

To provide a roadmap for golfers to improve their skills and score on the course, the program also contains 6 levels, each level containing 12 objectives. Golfers are taught these objectives by golf professionals in weekly programs. The mobile app is the central hub where golfers can view their objectives, log when they play and train, connect with their friends in a social activity feed, and have friendly competitions using the community leaderboards feature.

We progress into our Elite academy program that uses the MySwing 3D Motion Capture system and the Blast Motion Sensor along with our online Blast Connect Academy.

Training & Nutrition

MySwing 3D + The Move Project

Using MySwing 3D in conjuction with The Move Project; Providing Physical Assessments and Assigning Specific Exercises from the Unique Data Gathered from each Golfer.
At the Chandler Golf Academy we have partnered with the top training facility in the country, The Move Project, is the leading provider of science-based fitness & wellness programming in the Dallas area.

Our Technology

Blast Motion, MySwing 3D & BodiTrak

Blast Motion is the industry’s most accurate motion capture sensor integrated with analysis, coaching, communication, and management tools.

MySwing 3D uses 17 sensors, we can record a full 3D view of your golf swing, as well as measurement and plot of the kinematic sequence, x-factor stretch, lateral v. rotational motion, handle twist velocity, club head velocity, club shaft angle, front and side bend, pelvic and spine tilt, and much more.

BodiTrak brings you comprehensive, real-time ground mechanics data & insight. Force & pressure data with complete versatility for every environment.

Custom Club Fitting

We Custom Fit with the Cobra, Ping, & Mizuno Fitting Systems

Get custom fit with our Foresight Sport GC2 + HMT Launch Monitor